Sharing Session of Drama “Little Town of Tanshui” of the Famous Host Chi-Tai Chao Is Held

Released on:2017-12-19


Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen


 (Text by Reporter Li Ying) On November 26, “Shangyiyaji”, the art education brand of Daning Theatre, held the “Drama Gathering” series of key activities – “Chi-Tai Chao Drama Sharing Session”. The famous host Chi-Tai Chao shared his understanding in the plot, roles and music as well as various stories behind the screen, and had cordial interaction with onsite audience on the theme of the classic Taiwan drama “Little Town of Tanshui”


The “Our Town” is rearranged from American playwright Thornton Wilder’s work “Our Town”, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1938. In 1989, Godot Theatre rearranged this famous drama, transplanting the story background to the little town of “Tanshui” in Taiwan with the best atmosphere of humanism. The drama documents the 30-year life of two main characters Ai Moli and Chen Shaowei from growing up, falling in love, getting married to getting separate with 2 hours, showing the social presence in Taiwan in the middle of last century, and portraying the preciousness of life through a kind of warm style. The “Little Town of Tanshui” was the first drama performance for Chi-Tai Chao who acts as a character compatible with his own attribute – the stage manager, which is similar with the “storyteller” who shifts the episodes of the story and leads the audience across the time and space. In the Sharing Session, Chi-Tai Chao revealed how he had got in touch with the “Little Town of Tanshui” and thus become a “newcomer of drama”, and introduced his most impressive dialogues in the drama as well as the unforgettable events during the rehearsals.


The reporter learnt that, since 2016, Daning Theatre has established the knowledge brand “Shangyiyaji”, and promoted the theatre from “stage” to “humanity complex” gradually by means of culture salon, lecture, art experience workshop, information and exchange meeting of art and literature, and other forms; it was opened to the public free of charge in a complete public welfare form with zero threshold, in order to offer more abundant mental experiences. The “Drama Gathering” is the first series of activities of “Shangyiyaji”, which focuses on the “drama performance” and takes the means of “theatre games”, aiming to make people activate their performance cells quickly, evoke their performance talents, and improve the ability of expression, communication, self-confidence and team coordination through performance learning. In the following month, the “Drama Gathering” will intensively release 6 sharing sessions or salons, starting from this “Chi-Tai Chao Drama Sharing Session” and ending in the famous drama educator Li Yingning Drama Workshop with 3 civil drama organizations from the city bringing the salons on popular dramas.