Jing’an District Anti-drug Propaganda Campaign Enters into Campuses, Buildings and Communities

Released on:2017-12-26


Photograph by Photographer Yu Ruwen

Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing


On December 16, Rail Transit Shanghai Railway Station Area launched an anti-drug propaganda campaign themed by “Volunteers are Taking Action in Anti-drug Work” which was carried out by Jing’an District Anti-drug Office in cooperation with Jing’an District Station Management Office, Shanghai Shentong Metro (line 3 and line 4) and Rail Transit Shanghai Railway Station Police Office. During the campaign, volunteers publicized the hazards of drugs to citizens passing by centering on questions such as “How many kinds of drugs are there in the world and what are they? What damages do they have? How can we keep drugs away?”


Volunteers are Taking Action in Anti-drug Work


On the event day, anti-drug banners were hung, and information desk and anti-drug propaganda display boards were set up in the passageway of Rail Transit Line 3 at the Shanghai Railway Station. Social workers and volunteers for anti-drug work ceaselessly handed out anti-drug leaflets to citizens passing by, which attracted many passengers to stop to have a look so as to learn about common kinds and basic characteristics of drugs and their huge hazards. In particular, a scroll with words “Let’s Work Together and Carry out Law-based Drug Prohibition” on it was produced to enable every volunteer and citizen on the scene to sign their names to show their support for anti-drug cause.


Our reporter learned that recently at the north square of Shanghai Railway Station, some related departments of Jing’an District had joined hands to carry out advocacy activities themed by “Refusing drugs to Stay away from Aids” targeting the youth group, the floating population and other mass groups.


On the scene, five theme pavilions taking were set up with experiencing, fun and propaganda as main interactive elements to issue letters of appointment for anti-drug ambassadors. Social workers for drug prohibition publicized the association between drug-taking and Aids and their hazards by implementing propaganda and consulting activities, putting up picture posters and handing out publicity materials and condoms so as to advocate and appeal to the public to truly take actions in the prevention of drug and Aids and enhance the public’s awareness and ability of drug and Aids prevention and make good precautions.


Jing’an District Anti-drug Office introduced that during the whole process of anti-drug and Aids-prevention campaign week, Sub-districts of Daning Road, Gonghexin Road and Baoshan Road united their community hospitals to implement various campaigns. Linfen Road, Jiangning Road and North Bus Station sub-districts also launched propaganda campaigns in community hospitals aiming at outpatients and other mass groups. Pengpu town carried out targeted health education activities at Jing’an District Methadone Outpatient Service Point, to spread anti-drug and Aids-prevention knowledge and actively advocating civilized lifestyle, jointly bearing the responsibility of anti-drug and Aids-prevention and jointly building and sharing healthy urban areas.


Extensively Publicize and Propagate through Five “Guarantees”


The reporter learned from Jing’an District Anti-drug Office that since this year Jing’an District had extensively publicized and launched activities, and expanded the degree of participation and targeting range of anti-drug propaganda and education from five aspects including guaranteeing the “6.27” Project” of drugs prevention education on teenagers, guaranteeing the anti-drug propaganda and education on drivers, guaranteeing the propaganda campaigns targeting the General Public, guaranteeing the anti-drug propaganda and education on employees of entertainment venues and guaranteeing the anti-drug propaganda and education on drug-related personnel, which received good results at last.


In terms of guaranteeing the “6.27” Project” of drugs prevention education on teenagers, the Anti-drug Office organized community policemen, social workers and volunteers to go to 20 colleges as well as primary and middle schools including Shanghai Zhabei No.1 Central Primary School, Shanghai Wanhangdu Road Primary School, Shanghai Jiulong Model Middle School, Shanghai Yucai High School, Shanghai University, to hand out publicity materials and propaganda items and introduce the hazards of drugs for students in campus through theme class meeting, law systems popularization and health and safety activities and other forms. At the same time, West Nanjing Road Sub-district collaborated with Shanghai YF Vocational and Polytechnic School to implement Anti-drug Cartoon Creation Competition themed by “Refusing Drugs to Gain Harmonious Life”. They mobilized nearly one hundred teachers and students at school to create more than a hundred cartoons themed by drug prevention, more than 30 of which were selected. In addition, those excellent cartoons would be exhibited itinerantly in the community.


In terms of guaranteeing the anti-drug propaganda and education on drivers, anti-drug propaganda and education activities on drivers themed by “Staying away from Driving after drugging to Cherish Your Life” were carried out at each site by Caojiadu Road, Linfen Road and Jing’an Temple Sub-districts in collaboration with bus fleet of line 23 and line 206 and the public transport hub on Yuyuan Road. They explained in detail typical “drugged driving” cases to popularize the idea of “Driving Courteously and Travel Safely”. Sub-districts such as West Tianmu Road, West Zhijiang Road and Gonghexin Road launched anti-drug theme propaganda campaigns at exits of subway stations at Shanghai Intercity Bus Terminal, Shanghai North Bus Station, Baoshan Road, Pingxingguan Road and Hanzhong Road. They handed out prohibition knowledge handbooks on synthetic drugs to drivers and passengers, explained the hazards of synthetic drugs and laws and regulations about drug prevention to raise their ability to resist and prevent hazards caused by drugs.


In terms of guaranteeing the propaganda campaigns targeting the General Public, each sub-district and related member unit planed elaborately and organized carefully large-scale propaganda activities themed by anti-drug targeting the general public to vigorously promote typical cases of anti-drug work and hazards of drugs and build good public opinion atmosphere. The relevant activities included carrying out anti-drug pictures itinerant exhibitions, organizing anti-drug publicity blackboard newspaper competition, deeply implementing anti-drug propaganda into construction sites and units and holding anti-drug propaganda campaigns by means of cycling.