The Charity Supermarket “Craftsman Store” of West Nanjing Road Sub-district Opens

Released on:2017-12-30


Photo: interior of the charity supermarket of West Nanjing Road Sub-district (by reporter Yu ruwen)

(Text by Reporter Wang Yanyan) on the afternoon of December 18, the charity supermarket of West Nanjing Road Sub-district, jointly created by CPC West Nanjing Road Sub-district Working Committee, West Nanjing Road Sub-district Office and was officially put into operation. At the opening ceremony, Huang Senlin, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Charity Foundation Jing’an District Branch and Xu Jianwen, “Charity Guru” of West Nanjing Road Sub-district cut the ribbon for the charity supermarket together.


The charity supermarket of West Nanjing Road Sub-district, located at No. 33-39 of Shengping Avenue, innovatively combined the features of the sub-district and was integrated with the local Chinese traditional handicrafts for the first time. In the supermarket, there are not only scarfs and wrapping cloths designed by independent designers and remade by laid-off women workers with unused clothings, paper-cuts donated by famous paper-cut artist in Shanghai, remade art works donated by old materials-remade workshop, but also watchmakers, glasses-masters and shoemakers who provides peripheral services for the customers.


According to Yu Shiyao, responsible person of, combined with the concentration feature of traditional handicrafts of West Nanjing Road Sub-district and adhering to the original intention to promote the craftsman spirit, the charity supermarket of West Nanjing Road Sub-district innovatively combines “craft” with “public good” and is forged into a charity supermarket “Craftsman Store” with unique art taste and craftsman spirit, which mostly distinguishes it from the charity supermarkets of other sub-districts. At the same time, every item sold here represents the light steel of disabled partners of the supermarket, who treat every donation with craftsmen spirit and give them new values and missions. When customers buy their favorite products at an affordable price, they also create more value for disabled partners of communities.


The officials of the sub-district said that the charity supermarket is the hub to transfer the positive energy of communities; it will gradually fish out a new way of thought on public service, further promote to form the new mode of public service of West Nanjing Road Communities, and lay a solider foundation for the big interconnection between self-governance communities and shared governance communities in the future.