The Opening of the Third Culture Carnival of Jing’an Temple Community and Commercial Circle

Released on:2017-12-30


 (By Reporter Xing Beilin) On December 23, the Third Culture Carnival of Jing’an Temple Community and Commercial Circle was launched in Sub-District Community Cultural Activity Center, with over 100 community residents, delegates from member units of cultural community and delegates of white-collar employees in the commercial circle attending its opening ceremony. It was learnt that, the carnival activity this year would last to the Lantern Festival of 2018, focus on the topic of “Soft Power of Beautiful Home, Cultural Community of Communities”, and hold 15 professional performances as well as various activities, in order to better respond to the spiritual and cultural demand of community residents and white-collar employees in the commercial circle, and continue promoting the sense of culture gain of residents and white-collar employees.


Condensed demonstration of achievements in community cultural construction


The yangko of Shanghai Style “Melody of qin in Gusu” kicked off the carnival, with yongko, Shaoxing opera, Shanghai opera, solo, chorus, dance and other forms of performance following respectively. The shows performed includes the one indicating the community life “full of trifles” created by the resident area, as well as vigorous Zumba by white-collar employees in the commercial circle; includes the Citizen Culture Festival Award winning performances such as children's Shanghai opera “Sister Jiang • Night Interrogation” and children’s Shaoxing opera “Flirting Scholar”, as well as the wonderful performances showing the spirit of old comrades performed by senior art teams such as Yangtze River Chorus and XinLv Art Group.


The feature program “Beautiful Jing’an • Cultural Community” portrays the series of achievements of sub-districts in cultural cultivation and spiritual guidance as well the promotion of soft power of beautiful home with the concentration on the construction of cultural community in 2017. At the ceremony, the advanced groups and individuals honored with Excellent Mass Cultural Team of sub-districts and “Evergreen” Honor of community schools were praised; the units of “Cultural Community Member” were awarded the medals.


Besides the performances at the opening the ceremony, the Sub-District Community Cultural Activity Center also carried out a rich series of cultural activities such as painting and calligraphy demonstration, parent & child yoga, smart phone surfing of the old, parent & child public lesson of Go, parent & child Chinese painting, and traditional food tasting. In the class of Han cultural, the community residents in Han clothing learned Han manners from the teacher. The activity of tea culture experience showed the long history of tea culture in China by means of tea ceremony performance and small class of health-enhancing herbal tea. The mini talk of white-collar employees carried out salon activities themed “Beautiful New Jing’an”, and provided the stage of communication and sharing for young white-collar employees to express their individualities as well as skills.


Discussion on the future plan of community culture


On that day, the community shared governance forum “Beautiful Home, Cultural Guidance” was held at the same time. The forum showed the practice achievements of Jing’an Temple Sub-district in exploring and establishing the “cultural community” in 2017. Tang Yalin, professor of School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, and Fan Bin, professor of School of Social and Public Administration of East China University of Science and Technology, delivered keynote speeches respectively on the assessment of community public service and community cultural construction.


On the following mini forum of cultural guidance, multiple experts and scholars in social governance attending the forum, as well as responsible persons of relevant committees, offices, bureaus, and sub-districts together discussed the meaning of “cultural community” construction, expecting to form the experience able to be replicated and promoted. Meanwhile, they also discuss about the content of cultural guidance of “13th 5-year Plan” of Jing’an Temple Sub-district from multiple perspectives such as strengthening policies to safeguard the community culture, continuously “activating” the historical and cultural construction, promoting cultural brand effect at the advantage of superior resources, and radiating community development through “cultural backbones”. The forum also talked about the future plan of community development of Jing’an Temple Sub-district in the next 3 years.