Jing’an District Creative Activity of Pupils for Public Benefit Is Held

Released on:2018-01-19


Photo: Pupils are presenting their creative works


Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang


(By Reporter Gu Wu) On the morning of January 6, the articles and paintings full of imagination such as carrot making machine, bird cage cleaner and caring water sacs were placed at Yueda 889 Plaza. Co-hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education Association, Shanghai Jing’an District Education Bureau, Jing’an District Science and Technology Committee, and Jing’an District Association for Science and Technology, the “Loveliness to Creation” Public Benefit--2018 Shanghai Jing’an District Creative Design Activity of Pupils kicked off. Experts in the field of science and education in Shanghai including Yu Lizhong, President of New York University Shanghai and Shanghai Youth Science Promotion Association, and Ni Minjing, vice director of Shanghai Education Commission were present at the scene and viewed creative works of those little fans of science and technology in Jing’an with nearly a thousand young students, consumers and passengers.


This Creative Design Activity of Pupils for Public Benefit, co-organized by Hetian Road Primary School, birthplace of “Creative Education”, Jing’an District Education Association, Shanghai Primary School Creative Education Research Institute and other units, had attracted thousands of pupils from 54 primary schools in Jing’an District since it was launched in September last year. It had altogether received 100 physical creative works and more than 1,000 creative paintings.


The reporter saw in the scene that the works designed by pupils taking “cute pets” as prototypes were so creative that they were praised by lots of visitors who claimed they had never heard of nor imagined them. The automatic feeder for hamsters, timing goldfish feeders and caring water sacs designed in case that animals would be hungry were very skillful; cat balls and pet apartments designed in case that pets would be lone were quite peculiar; heater nest for little hamsters, pets body-building apparatus and bird cage cleaner were “high-tech” works designed by pupils to show their humanistic care to various animals. In the scene, some experts and designers in science popularization also discussed face to face with pupils about how to combine science and technology creative activities with daily life, as well as ways and ideas of applying science and technology to life.


According to Zhang Junjin, principle of this creative activity and President of Hetian Road Primary School, the creative works of pupils would be exhibited for a week, during which 50 excellent works would be sold in an auction in the scene. The money gained would all be donated to China Charities Aid Foundation for Children to help poor children in China with their study and life.