New Year-Welcoming and Blessing Activity Is Held in West Tianmu Road Sub-district

Released on:2018-02-01


(Text by Reporter Peng Xuhui/ Photograph by Xiao Mingliang) On January 25, 2018, the activity “Celebrities Gathering Together to Welcome New Year” was held in Hebin Neighborhood Committee. The activity, co-hosted by West Tianmu Road Sub-district Office, Tianmuxi Community Cultural Activity Center and “Celebrity Studio” of West Tianmu Road Sub-district, brought happiness and warmth to residents of West Tianmu Road Sub-district in cold winter.


The site of activity was decorated with red lanterns and beautiful flowers, symbolizing prosperity of the next year and expectation of a new year respectively. Therefore, residents were impressed by the strong atmosphere of Spring Festival. With the purpose of introducing traditional Chinese culture and the elegant manner to residents, the West Tianmu Road Sub-district integrated traditional Chinese culture with community culture through a series of activities such as Celebrity Calligraphy Show, Display of Three Traditional Cultures of Sinology and Community Culture Group Performance.


Residents at the scene not only enjoyed splendid performances, but also received New Year lucky bags prepared by the Sub-district as well as a Chinese character “Fu” written by famous calligraphers at the scene, symbolizing the arrival of happiness and luck. “This activity is very good. I used to believe that the traditional Sinology was complicated and so far away from us, but today’s activities are close to people. I wish there could be more similar activities in the future.” “The Three Traditional Cultures of Sinology, namely Teaism, Incense Ceremony, and Way of Flowers, have broadened my horizon, and I want to participate in more activities like this. Where could I go?” After the activity, residents still stayed at the scene and asked workers of the Sub-district about the information of the activity. Workers of the Sub-district said that in the new year, they would take this activity as an opportunity to make good use of the “Celebrity Studio” as a cultural highland and make joint efforts with members of community culture groups to carry out a series of popular cultural activities for residents, so as to build famous cultural communities.