Jing’an District Launches the “New Era Learning Venue•Famous Master and Expert Forum”


    (Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) On September 28th, the signing ceremony for launching the “New Era Learning Venue, Famous Master and Expert Forum”,

    Jing’an District Takes the Lead in Implementing “7-day Unconditional Return” to Physical Stores


    Impulsive consumers often buy something useless or inappropriate on the spur of the moment and regret afterwards. Few offline physical stores and onli

    Jing’an Chuangyi Space Is Officially Put into Operation


    (Text by Reporter Xing Beilin) On September 21st, the Opening Ceremony of Jing’an Chuangyi Space and the “Three-Level Linkage and Multi-Party Cooperat

    Waste Houses in Multiple Residential Areas under the Jurisdiction of Daning Road Sub-district Become “Attractions”


    (Text by Reporter Wu Jingjing) Residents living in Yanchang Xincun, Daning Road Sub-district have developed a new “habit”. They never forget to take t

    One-click Monitoring of Fire-fighting Facilities Failure Through Mobile Phone APP, 443 Key District Units Install Fire-fighting IOT Sensing Devices


    (Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing) Under the overall construction framework of the “Intelligent City”, Jing’an District has actively taken innovative m

    Day and Night are Equally Divided at Autumnal Equinox, and the Health Preservation Depends on Yin and Yang in Equilibrium


    At autumn equinox, the climate is neither cold nor hot; day and night are equally divided and yin and yang are in equilibrium.The whole air is refresh

    Jing’an District Holds the Mid-Autumn Charity Party of the “Ingenuity” Construction Site Party Building Alliance


    (Text by Reporter Huang Jingjing/ Photo by Reporter Yu Ruwen) To better care for the constructors and participators who have made contributions to the

    Well Perform “Combination, Communication, Management and Improvement”, to Promote the “Four-Responsibility Synergy” Mechanism to Take Root in Jing’an Civil Affairs


    The establishment of the “four-responsibility synergy” mechanism is an important innovative measure for Shanghai to implement the great decision of th

    Women’s Federation of Jing’an District Holds Family Cultural Festival to Inherit Great Family Traditions and Co-construct a Wonderful Life


    (Text by Reporter Shi Danni) Hosted by Women’s Federation of Jing’an District, the 15thFamily Cultural Festival themed “inheriting great family tradit

    West Nanjing Road Sub-District Initiates the Block Culture Combo Cultural Masters Work with the Sub-District to Reserve the Shanghai Cultural Imprints


    (Text by Reporter Yuan Wenjun / Photo by Reporter Xiao Mingliang) Shanghai Center Theatre, Shanghai TV Station, People‘s Fine Arts Publishing House an

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